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One morning in 1997, Jen's yoga journey began, alone in her living room, with a VHS tape for guidance. Her practice expanded to regular studio classes and then to Hatha teacher training 10 years later. Since completion of her first training in 2008; she has been teaching yoga in studios, privately to individuals and groups and in Kingston community classes. Jen is committed to delivering a clear, intentional and inclusive practice to willing humans of any level of experience. She encourages beginning from grounded stability with deep attention to breath and the sensations of the body, paired with curiosity and gentleness towards oneself. Students receive guidance with scalable options to empower them to meet the shapes offered in a way that works for themselves, to practice acceptance and to believe in their potential to ever-shift.


Both UNWIND and GROUNDED classes within GLOW's spa retreat area focus on self-care and relaxation. Postures and movements are calm in nature, often supported by props and a lot of stillness and quiet is held. These classes are not work-outs. Please see class descriptions for the differences in these offerings.  

UNWIND: an hour of mellow yoga shapes and stretches offered at a leisurely pace and with clear guidance to promote the unwinding and release of undesired physical tension held in the body, through movement. Class is followed by an hour of self-guided sauna, steam room, hot tub and cold plunge therapy.

GROUNDED: an hour of five to six long-held seated and reclined restorative postures completely supported by beautiful props; bolsters, straps, blocks and blankets, to promote relaxation and nervous system down-regulation. A nap might happen and that is a-okay. This class will have little delightful sensory extras and grounding hands-on touch offered and gently applied, with your consent. Class is followed by an hour of self-guided sauna, steam room, hot tub and cold plunge therapy.

Both classes have 10 participants maximum for comfortable space and attention. UNWIND and GROUNDED experiences are 2 hours. Please arrive with time to settle in and so we can honour beginning

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