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In 1997, Jen embarked on her yoga journey alone in her living room, guided only by a VHS tape. Over the years, her practice flourished, leading her to regular studio classes and eventually to Hatha teacher training a decade later. Since completing her training in 2008, Jen has been sharing her passion for yoga in various settings – studios, private sessions, and Kingston community classes.

Jen's Teaching Philosophy:

Jen is dedicated to delivering yoga practices that are clear, intentional, and inclusive, catering to individuals of all experience levels. Her approach emphasizes starting from a place of grounded stability, with a deep focus on breath and body sensations. She encourages curiosity and gentleness toward oneself, offering students scalable options to empower them to explore yoga in ways that suit their unique needs. Jen believes in the ever-shifting potential within each individual.

UNWIND and GROUNDED Classes at GLOW's Spa Retreat

Both UNWIND and GROUNDED classes in GLOW's Spa Retreat area are designed to promote self-care and relaxation. These classes prioritize tranquility, featuring gentle postures, ample prop support, and moments of stillness and quiet. These sessions are not intended as vigorous workouts. Please see class descriptions for the differences in these offerings.  


An hour of yoga shapes and stretches are offered at a leisurely pace, guided by Jen's clear instructions. This practice aims to facilitate the unwinding and release of unwanted physical tension through movement. Following the yoga session, participants have an hour of self-guided access to the sauna, steam room, hot tub, and cold plunge therapy – a perfect continuation of your relaxation journey.


During this class, participants enjoy an hour of five to six long-held seated and reclined restorative postures, fully supported by an array of props, including bolsters, straps, blocks, and blankets. The goal here is to promote relaxation and down-regulation of the nervous system. If you find yourself nodding off into a nap, that’s absolutely okay. This class offers delightful sensory extras and gentle, consent-based hands-on touches. Following the practice, you'll have an hour of self-guided access to the sauna, steam room, hot tub, and cold plunge therapy, to further enhance your sense of well-being.

Class Capacity:

Both classes have a maximum capacity of 10 participants to ensure a comfortable and attentive experience.

Class Duration:

UNWIND and GROUNDED experiences span 2 hours each. Please arrive 15 mins early to settle in and allow us to honor the beginning of your journey to relaxation.

Join us for these deeply restorative experiences with Jen, where self-care and tranquility take center stage.



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