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FRUG Jewelry

Canadian and Artisan Made

At least half of the jewellery in our store is designed and created in my own studio, We also create a rotating selection of non-GMO soy candles and stained glass decor using lead free solder. We carry a large selection of jewellery from small scale producers, as well as from larger jewellery design companies that support in-house design and production and/or fair trade.  

Environmental Footprint

Working with vintage and upcycled stock is part of our regular design and purchasing mandate. As well as selling vintage items, our displays and fixtures are created using salvaged materials such as barn wood & wood pallets that we take apart and rebuild over and over again. All usable packing papers and bubble wrap/peanuts received in shipments are used for wrapping breakables in the store or for shipping from the studio. As a result, we have not used new packing paper or bubble wrap from day one. All paper, bottles/cans, printer cartridges, electronics and light bulbs are recycled.