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Our facials include something called Dermaplaning. Dermaplaning manually exfoliates the top layer of dead skin cells and peach fuzz hair, making your skin look fresh, radiant, and youthful. You can choose from one of four facial services that all include the use of medical grade skincare treatments to ensure long lasting results and true changes to your skin.

Customized Glow Facial

60min | $110

A Customized Glow Facial provides a deep cleanse, deep exfoliation, dermaplaning, a targeted treatment masque, and hydration. It also includes a neck, forearm and hand massage.

Extended Customized GLOW Facial 

90min | $150

The Extended Customized GLOW Facial will bring out your everyday glow with treatments targeted to YOUR individual skin needs. This treatment will include all the treatments of the Customized Glow Facial, plus additional treatments such as LED therapy, a second mask treatment with décolleté, shoulder, and scalp massage. 

Express GLOW Facial

30min | $70

The Express GLOW Facial is perfect for those looking for a quick skin refresh. This treatment will provide a deep cleanse, dermaplaning, and hydration. 

Customized GLOW Back Facial

45min | $80

This Customized GLOW Back Facial will provide a deep cleanse, deep exfoliation/scrub, extractions, a targeted treatment masque, and hydration. It also includes a back and neck massage.