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Please note that before your first treatment, a medical aesthetics consultation is required to discuss your specific goals and expectations.


Glow Skincare Co. is delighted to introduce you to the latest advancements in laser treatments, designed to enhance your natural beauty and address various skin concerns. Our laser technology, in the hands of our expert practitioners, can help you achieve remarkable results. 

Explore the world of laser treatments at Glow Skin Care and discover how they can transform your skincare journey.

  • Laser Tattoo Removal: 15-30min | $150-$300. Please keep in mind that most tattoos will require multiple treatments (8 or more) to achieve optimal results. 
  • Laser Hair Removal: 15-45min | $89-$199
  • Rosacea or Hyperpigmentation: 30min | $225
  • Spider Veins, Legs: 45min | $250
  • Laser Facial Peel: 30min | $200
  • Laser Face Lift - 4D: 60min | $750
  • Fractional Skin Resurfacing: 45-60min | $450-$750
  • Laser Lesion Removal: 15min | $250

    Laser Technology and Equipment

    Glow uses three different types of lasers for treatments.

    1. Fotona SP Dynamis
    2. Fotona QX Max
    3. Lumenis LightSheer 

    We use the Fotona SP Dynamis for the following services:

    • Spider Veins to Face 
    • Spider Veins to Legs 
    • Laser Facial Peel 
    • Laser Face Lift 
    • Fractional Skin Resurfacing 
    • Laser Lesion Removal

    We use the Fotona QX Max for the following services:

    • Laser Tattoo Removal 
    • Rosacea 
    • Hyperpigmentation 

    We use the Light sheer for:

    • Laser Hair Removal 

    Laser treatments are a great alternative for individuals that want to avoid invasive procedures like needles or the use of foreign products. As well, as opposed to dermal fillers that mainly mask the issues, laser treatments slow down the aging process of the skin.

    Benefits of Laser Treatments

    • Improved skin texture
    • Reduced pigmentation
    • Diminished wrinkles and fine lines
    • Effective hair removal
    • Long-lasting results

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