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Bend Beauty

Our desire to create products that deliver beauty you can see, and feel, start with a strong foundation of research. While nutraceuticals have been extensively researched for a wide range of health benefits Bend is pioneering research into their role in skin health and longevity.

Our talented researchers have decades of experience and remain at the forefront of this exciting new field conducting clinical and preclinical studies. Some of our research has been published in peer-reviewed journals and we’ve made them available for everyone to read.

Our scientific team can spend years simply working on new products ensuring high standards for both quality and purity as well as how ingredients, in the right combination, create synergistic effects. You could say we have good chemistry.

One additional thing that’s important to us. Equal to our high standards for quality and efficacy, we research how our ingredients impact the planet. Developing a sustainable supply chain can be a real challenge but as a beauty company, we want to elevate beauty for both people and the planet.

As a proudly Canadian company, we are thrilled to conduct this research in our hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and encourage you to check out our published clinical research.

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